Hush SA was born 10  

summers ago, in the deepest  

minister to communities,  organisations, giving people  courage, turned funeral  processions and business  

Hush has come full circle since  inception. What takes the biscuit  is being part of the Old Mutual  Amazing Voices Africa Season 2  

parts of Soweto, Snake Park to  be precise. 

Snake park as an environment  that is not conducive. Littered  with negativity, drug abuse and  deflated dreams. Hush strives to  be an agent to positive change  rather than letting their  

environment determine their  destiny. 

Hush proactively set about to use  their God given vocal talent to  

liquidation into songs of praise. Hush is slowly turning the  negative into positivity. 

The world needs healing and  soulful engagements. 

Hush goes where the potential  power of change is needed. In  our hospitals where well-being is  a MUST have, in our prisons  where self-forgiveness and the  spirit is required. 

Hush also engaged corporates  and government. 

and making it to the top 5.