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Malizole Fololo is a strong creative South African man who grew up in the rough Ikwezi township in Mthatha Eastern Cape, singing has always been a passion and even a source of income for Mali Soul since he was about nine years old, from singing in his local church African Gospel Choir and later joining an esteemed group of agemates, the renowned young song birds, Jesus Kids.

From that point he knew that music was his calling and took every chance he got to showcase his talent preforming in gigs whenever he could.

The little money he made was helping here and there at home but at age fifteen, the passing of his father who had been the chief bread winner made life difficult for his family hence he had to find a way of making real money to keep his family afloat.

He mentions these events in the most heartfelt way in the song “Akasekho” how life became hard after his father passed to a point where he found himself having to wash people who had passed, referring to him having to work at a mortuary.

“Hey kwabanzima …. hey kwabanzima nam ndazibona sendihlamb’abangasekho”

He speaks about how his father had been such a wonderful provider making it such a drastic life transformation when he passed.

These painful circumstances only fueled Mali’s fire, with everything he was going through music served as an escape and the more he pondered on it the better musician he became.

Not only is Mali Soul a singer but a songwriter and producer with one really amazing album under his belt.

Amakhaya is Mali Souls debut studio album released on the 24th of July 2020 by Muthaland Entertainment.

The album is very relatable speaking about the everyday events in the life of the average South African, be it love, poverty, death, and hope for a brighter future. The sound is heavily Afrocentric seeing as Mali Soul is a heavily cultured young man who has always been passionate about who he is “I knew I wanted to perform traditional music in my vernacular”.

Even while rubbing shoulders with great artists such as Theo Kgosinkwe of Mafikizolo, gospel icon Rebecca Malope, Robbie Malinga and Siphokazi to name a few

it took about thirteen years for his own music to be brought to the world which gave him experience and time to perfect his craft with booming vocals and an incredible way of conveying emotion.

When you look for Mali Soul’s music it may seem as if Amakhaya was his first effort, but before he changed his stage name to Mali Soul he went by his birth name Malizole and released an album titled “Iphupha lami” in 2014 with appearances by Robbie Malinga and Siphokazi Mohapi the stand out song being “ixesha lokonwaba” which speaks in comfort to a woman who has come back home from her crumbled marriage which is always an embarrassing occurrence in African society, but the song offers solace to whoever finds themselves in such a situation.

Mali soul has the most dominating stage presence, for a man his size he moves pretty well in the most captivating and entertaining way engaging with the crowd, it makes it better that the crowd always knows the lyrics to his songs so half the work is done before he steps on stage. He has become a household name at many a wedding so if ever you are lucky to attend a wedding and he’s there you will get the ultimate Mali Soul experience.

His music is played on radio stations across South Africa having done interviews with the most prestigious radio personalities such as his 702 Unplugged interview with Azania Mosaka. His music videos also get played on local TV channels for everyone to enjoy.

His latest release is a song titled Thungisani, a wedding anthem. A man has finally found the love of his life and is unshakingly determined to marry her, inviting everybody urging them to start getting outfits made for the big wedding day, the song is getting good reception from fans across all platforms and radio stations are spinning it non-stop with requests flying in.

Mali soul is definitely a force to be reckoned with and will take Afro-soul across our borders and beyond.

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