Vusi Nova Releases New Album NguMama
29 January 2021 marked the release of Vusi Nova’s brand new 12-track album NguMama.

The album is dedicated to his late mother and the album cover is a childhood photograph of Vusi and his mother which was converted into a painting. The picture was taken when Vusi Nova was only a few months old and he says his mother was always an important part of his life.

“The lyrics of the single NguMama say Ndinjenje NguMama (I am who I am because of my mother) who instilled values of compassion, kindness, love and caring for others.” Vusi comments.

The album is packed with the authentic Vusi Nova sound and has more stand out features with Ringo Mandlingozi. “Ringo is an icon, a living legend and I would not pass up the opportunity to feature one of the people who influenced my music while he is still alive,” he adds.

Another feature on the album is with Somizi on their duo dedication to their mothers “Ntandane”.

Vusi found this feature rather difficult to put together.

“Somizi, he is very stubborn, so am I. He is creative, and so am I. But there is a mutual respect when it comes to working and getting the job done. Together as creatives, we make magic. Somizi’s mother passed away last year. I know the feeling of losing a parent and our creative energies just happened to be aligned at the time we decided to make the song”.

The two have been good friends since 2004. The release of the music video for “Ntandane” is scheduled for the first week of February.

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