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Mali Soul

Born and raised in Ikwezi Township, Eastern Cape the producer, songwriter and Singer says he has been “Hustling”
His Musical Wares and talents since the age of nine. “I started wri?ng songs because I wanted to create something
original and en?rely my own:” When I was around seven / eight years old I joined our local African Gospel Church Choir and soon aMer was asked to join the highly respected group “Jesus Kids”.

It was then, that he knew he wanted to be a hit maker. Wan?ng to be a praise singer is what has kept his drive to
become an Artist. “I knew I wanted to perform traditonal music in my vernacular”, the Xhosa born-and-raised praise
prodigy explains: “My culture is very important to me, and if there was a way I could keep my roots watered in the
Eastern Cape , all the beSer”Besides the fact that MALI Soul has wriSen and recorded with the likes of Theo (Mafikizola) , gospel great Rebecca Malope, Robbie Malinga and Siphokazi, he has kept himself grounded always focusing on his own music delivery.

Some of his earlier produc?ons (produced by heavy weights Robbie Malinga, Mojalefa Thebe and Bheki Nqoko) had resulted in high rota?on on both TV and Radio Playlists as early as 2014. Lyrically, MALI Soul’s lyrics cut to topical everyday South African Reality. His song “AMAKHAYA” sharing the same title of his Latest Album of works , speaks of everyday problems we go through as families in our homes. The Album speaks of Love, of death and of the aMerlife.  

Tracks off the Album such as BOMI OBUZAYO (Next Life), SIFUBENI (On My Chest), AKASEKHO (He Is Gone) aptly
describes what we as Citizens of the World are experiencing right now through the pandemic of CORONA
and COVID19.  We know that the 13 track ALBUM: AMAKHAYA will offer solace, knowing that it will ibring understanding to the hurt and suffering we are all experiencing WORLDWIDE


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